tonight tonigh

it's on tonight

the ski-jumping world cup in Kuusamo, FIN
even though today's qualification
it's nice to finally go back to the familiar thing <3

besides, it's the first season without the greatest Janne Ahonen
And this season Gregor better have that feather up his ass taken out,
in order for my boys to win moar xD

let the season begin xD



leaked. so leaked that i don't care despite the love for the boys.
there's no way in hale i'll get an album withing next eternity
i'm probably off to spend a night listening to it and reading the second book of House of Night

+++ random drunk hangouts should be cam'd xD

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Green fields. Road signs. High speed.
Drive home never looked so good.

And even though it doesn't feel like summer
Times like this are better than we thought.



i know i suck. everyone else knows that.
but if i had no life i'd be done with it by now.
i really can go back to my normal life now. xD
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they are going to show The Dark Knight here after all
it's not really fine that it is only almost a month later than decent people
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i hate not being able to sleep at almost 1am. 
or wantig to do so for that matter

just now i have come to realise that i have more patience than i would have ever thought.
weirdly enough i AM talking about the BD spoilers.
but i am waiting for the book to be released even though i don't think i'll get my copy untill whenever after.

why people remember me when they need something (besides some. like Lera. who's bringing us some real german beer. 6 litres for most likely 2 of us unless we get to other people. and the night ebfore my tennis. is it serious? i'm afraid it is. am i gonna die? well son....) and what's worse.. why can't i say no untill i'm bugged out to death by that.

while i was typing all of the above (i am having serious typing issues last couple of days) i forgot what i was actually going to post. typical (? see!) 

time to sleep pretty much?

ps. self-confidence is a good thing. honeslty (i'm not talking about myself though, i've pretty much enough of it for me. occasionally)


i love when my tennis practices go great
honestly it's like too good sometimes 
i just wish i were good xD

in honor to sending the ball from across the court into the basket xD
swear it was not accident

now i just need to find someone to come with me watch men's finals